This website was born out of a need to market in a new way. With an extensive background in marketing, advertising, and sales. Many people in the current job market knew about and exhibited many of the same skills. However many people do not know much about new age marketing. From research it was found that blogs, websites, and advertising were solutions for branding. It was also found that people wanted to be marketed to, or learn to market themselves in new innovative ways. That lead to the development of this website and blog bestewilson.com

There are so many reasons to join our team!

Here’s the top ten list.

  1. We work with wonderful people in a real family atmosphere.
  2. We are committed to your success – a commitment that has kept us financially stable.
  3. We are a part of a team that strives to meet and maintain high ethical standards.
  4. We offer excellent and ongoing training opportunities.
  5. We are progressive, always investigating and incorporating advanced technologies.
  6. Our Program is part of a group of over 100,000 -Business Entrepreneurs– with staff members who have been with us since the inception of this opportunity. That’s stability!
  7. We help hard-working people succeed.
  8. We offer excellent compensation opportunities.
  9. We have a vibrant team that offers both in-depth knowledge and new ideas.
  10. We work with and support you so you can reach your goals.

Sterling Wilson

Phone 941-301-8638

Email sterling.wilson@bestewilson.com

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We are always looking for leaders to work with or join our team. If you have an interest we encourage you to send a email or comment below.